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As part of the 2008 Olympics held in Beijing, Betsy Damon was on the design team for the Olympic Forest Park project. This park was integrated into the permanent site of the Olympics and has become a model for a sustainable city and a solution for water management in the 21st century. It cleans the water to a level suitable for significant human contact and is an ecological economic model for parks of the future as well as places of recreational activity.

As a biological water treatment system, species conservation project and an environmental education center, it is an integrated demonstration project of amazing caliber. The wetlands serve to polish the water from the biological system and provide habitat for wild and endangered species, exhibition gardens of flora and fauna, and will be the extended environment of the conservation park. Parks are the perfect places to preserve biological systems and give to cities bio-dynamic places that support diversity of plant and wild life. It will place Beijing as a world leader of urban sustainability and green capitalism.

The water treatment system and circulation of the water was created by Betsy Damon, Keepers of the Waters, and Margo Young Cantwell, CEO of Environmental Design and Management, Halifax, CA. The recycling of waste water through a biological system called Solar Aquatics was first created by John Todd.