Betsy Profiled in CIWEM's The Envrionment Magazine

Karen Thomas, Editor of CIWEM’s The Environment magazine, recently profiled Betsy Damon’s career as an artist and water advocate. Here’s a short excerpt, but be sure to check out the entire article, which spans Betsy’s 40-year journey.

Visiting the UK in April—her first trip here since the Sixties—Damon took time off from meeting fellow eco-artists to visit CIWEM headquarters.

Damon’s ethos was always collective, she explains. In the 1980s, she founded No Limits for Women Artists, today a US-wide network of support groups working for social and environmental change.

And yet, she says, it was shyness—being overcome with nerves before every show – that drew her out of the gallery into performance art and from there into large-scale works that explore our relationships with landscape, using stones and plants and water.

The rest of this profile is available by subscription; the latest issue includes other fascinating reads on the theme “Women, Water, The Environment”. To subscribe to The Environment, email

Marmot Mcmahon