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Living Waters of Ballona Creek
Los Angeles

Living Waters of Ballona Creek Mentored by keepers Jeanette Vosberg is leading efforts to change the Ballona Creek water system from a pipeshed back to a watershed. Working to reveal and daylight the natural, historical water networks restoring complexity and resilience.
Living Waters of Cheyenne River
South Dakota

Living Waters of Cheyenne River Working with Native American communities in the Dakotas to study and clean up the Cheyenne River after many years of pollution from the mining of uranium. Assesment, planning and cleanup are needed for this large scale project.
Cities without Water
Article by by Ingrid Wiegand, LEED AP

Cities without Water is a reality today. As more and more people are living in with sky-scrapped cities we have to pay attention to water availablitiy now and into the future. Los Angeles and Cape Town for example both recently faced draughts with uncerntain outcomes.